Water Filters: How And When To Change Them

You’ve made the important decision to invest in your family’s health and well being by purchasing a Culligan water filter. What now? How do you keep your drinking water filter functioning at optimal capacity? Does your filter need to be changed every so often? And how and when do you change it? This article will give you all the information you need to keep your reverse osmosis water filter functioning beautifully and your family receiving all the life-giving benefits of pure filtered water.

It’s important to change your filter according to the recommendations of the manufacturer in order to maintain the functionality of your filter. Water filtration systems contain activated carbon as part of the filtration process. The activated carbon uses a process called, “adsorption” to attract certain contaminants and reduce their concentrations in water. As the carbon adsorbs more and more of these contaminants, it eventually becomes saturated. And once it is saturated, it will no longer function correctly.

There won’t be an obvious way to notice when the activated carbon becomes saturated and if it goes unchanged for too long it may not be thoroughly filtering your water anymore. Because you will have no way of knowing that your filter is no longer thoroughly filtering out contaminants, it’s important to take note of the date your water filter was installed and when replacement is recommended. 

Typically manufacturers base their instructions on how often water filters need to be replaced on the basis of water usage, which can be hard for busy families to keep track of. So in order to make it easier for our customers, Culligan engineers have developed recommended time frames for all of our water filtration products. This way, you know exactly when your filters will need to be replaced and can drink your water with confidence that your filter is doing its job. All of these recommendations are listed in your Owner’s Guide, so make sure you hold on to that! 

Our Culligan experts here in Kansas City and Topeka understand the ins and outs of our local water conditions and are always here to help! When in doubt, call your Culligan Woman or Man! We can recommend a filter replacement schedule that is ideal for your particular needs according to your local water and usage.

Water Filtration System Recommendations:

Culligan product engineers recommend the following for Culligan water filtration products:

Culligan Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System                                                            This customizable drinking water filter requires regular replacement of all filters (there are 14 to choose from). It is recommended to replace the carbon and particulate filters once a year. The reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced every 3-5 years. Your Kansas City Culligan Water expert can work out a filter replacement schedule with you and include you periodically on their route to change the filters in your system, if you request it.  

Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine®                                                                                 

 The Culligan AC-30 is a three-filters-in-one water filtration system. It’s recommended that you replace the particle filter, the activated carbon filter, and the polishing filter once a year. You will also want to check on the system’s reverse osmosis filter annually. We recommend letting your Kansas City Culligan Water expert take care of replacing the water filters on the Good Water Machine. 

Culligan Preferred Series                                                                                                      

 This advanced water filtration series uses different sizes of filters to remove bad odor and taste from your water. Replacing these water filters depends on the water filter size and the amount of water you are using:

  • Preferred 150 – every 750 gallons or one year
  • Preferred 250 – every 1000 gallons or one year
  • Preferred 350 – every 300 gallons or one year

Your Local Kansas City Water Filtration Experts

It’s important to call your Kansas City Culligan Water expert if you notice any change in the taste or smell of your water. There may be local water conditions that necessitate a filter change even if it’s ahead of schedule. It’s also a good idea to have your water tested every so often to be aware of any changes that could affect the lifespan of your water filter. At Culligan Kansas City, we stay on top of all local water conditions and can give you area-specific advice and recommendations. 

As your local water specialist, Culligan Kansas City is here to help you not only with the installation but also the maintenance of all your water filtration systems and ensure that your family is getting the purest water possible at all times. Call us today to schedule your filter changes and guarantee your water filtration system continues functioning at its best.


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