Kansas City, affectionately dubbed the “City of Fountains,” boasts an array of stunning water features that are as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. These fountains, ranging from majestic to whimsical, not only decorate the city but also tell stories of its heritage, artistry, and commitment to community. Culligan Water of Greater Kansas City, deeply rooted in enhancing the quality and accessibility of water, takes pride in these symbols of beauty and sustainability. 

As water experts, we understand the value these fountains add to our city, mirroring our mission to improve every drop of water that flows into our homes and cityscapes.

The Role of Water in Kansas City

Water is the lifeblood of any city, and in Kansas City, it dances through the streets, squares, and parks, giving life to the stone and metal from which the city’s fountains are crafted. These fountains do more than merely beautify; they cool the air, offer serene spaces for reflection, and serve as gathering places for community events. At Culligan, we see these fountains as reminders of the critical importance of water quality and conservation — principles that guide our work every day.

Culligan’s Favorite Fountains Around Kansas City

The Mill Creek Park Fountain: Once known as the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain, this iconic feature at the heart of the Country Club Plaza is a spectacle of dynamic water movement and historic sculptures. Its figures, capturing four powerful horses, symbolize the four mighty rivers of the world, reflecting Kansas City’s spirit of diversity and connection.

The Crown Center Fountain: This modern, interactive fountain, beloved by children and adults alike, showcases the playful side of water. It reminds us of the joy and creativity that water can inspire, aligning with Culligan’s mission to provide safe, clean water that supports our community’s health and happiness.

The Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain: Adorned with ornate sea horses and intricate water patterns, this fountain stands as a testament to the beauty of aquatic design and the importance of community involvement in preserving such landmarks. It echoes our belief in the power of community and the role of every individual in safeguarding our water resources.

The Children’s Fountain: Featuring figures of children at play, this fountain embodies the purity and future promise of our community. It highlights the necessity of providing our youth with clean, safe water, a cause at the heart of Culligan’s values.

The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden Fountain: Nestled in a tranquil garden, this fountain’s gentle flow complements the surrounding beauty, offering a peaceful retreat in the midst of urban life. It showcases water’s ability to enhance natural beauty and create serene spaces, reflecting Culligan’s commitment to improving life through better water.

Water Quality and Fountain Preservation

The splendor of Kansas City’s fountains highlights the importance of maintaining high water quality. At Culligan, we understand that the same principles that ensure the longevity and beauty of these fountains apply to the water in your home. Our water treatment solutions are designed to protect and preserve, ensuring that every drop is as pure and clean as the water that graces our city’s beloved fountains.

Kansas City’s fountains are more than just water features; they are symbols of our city’s heart and soul. As we celebrate these beautiful landmarks, let us also remember the vital role of water in our lives and the importance of preserving this precious resource. Culligan Water of Greater Kansas City is proud to be a part of this community, working tirelessly to ensure that our water, like our city’s fountains, remains a source of pride and joy for all.

We invite you to experience the beauty of Kansas City’s fountains and to join us in our commitment to excellence in water quality. Contact Culligan Water of Greater Kansas City to learn more about how we can enhance your water experience, at home and throughout our city. Together, we can continue to celebrate and preserve the water that makes Kansas City truly the “City of Fountains.”


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