What to do with the hard issue of hard water… The best answer is a water softener!

A water softening system is one way to protect your home from the nuisance of hard water. Hard water is unfortunately found in most home water supplies throughout North America (and yup, right here in Kansas City) and is not a fun addition to your home or business. Due to the hard minerals built up inside the water, hard water is generally horrible for your health, hair, skin and home appliances.


But Culligan has a sound solution. Culligan water softeners work by filtering out hard minerals like calcium and magnesium using resin beads within the softener system. Hard water entering your home will flow through the water softener and the resin will filter out the hard minerals and remove them from the water. Then the soft water will flow from the softening system into the plumbing of your home.

In a process called regeneration, a brine solution will clean the resin tank, exchanging the hard water minerals for sodium ion. The brine solution and hard minerals are then flushed from the tank, leaving it ready to continue removing the hard water from your home.

If you’re worried that you might be suffering hard from hard water, symptoms to look for include:

  • Water spots on your glasses
  • Hard crust around faucets or drains
  • Skin feels dry or irritated after showering
  • Cloudy ice cubes
  • Home Appliances Consistently Not working to their full potential

Your local Culligan Water dealer is your area’s water expert. When you call us to talk us through your problems, we’re happy to recommend what kind of water softener can help you the most.

Culligan offers various types of  Water Softeners that can help get rid of hard water minerals, remove scale and build-up over time, and lead to better, healthier water.


An easy solution to hard water problems — A Culligan Water Softening System reduces water hardness so you can enjoy softer skin, healthier hair, cleaner dishes, and fewer costs on laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.


Salt-Free Alternatives

If a water softening system is not an option for you, Culligan also offers a Salt-Free Water Conditioner as a solution to the problem of hard water.

A salt-free water conditioner does not remove the minerals from the hard water but uses an anti-scaling media to alter the chemical structure of the hard minerals. This will improve the feel of your water as well as help extend the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances. It will also reduce limescale build-up and make cleaning easier.


Protect your skin, hair, and home from hard water today by calling Culligan Water Kansas City at 913-782-4141. We offer complimentary water assessments and we’ll personalize a plan to make sure your home has the best water possible.

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