Deionized Water in Healthcare: Improving Patient Care and Safety

Deionized water is the purest form of water available. It’s often used in lab settings and medical facilities because it can’t hold any ions, so it’s completely free from contamination by salt or other minerals. The use of deionized water in the laboratory benefits patients, medical staff, and the environment by reducing the risk of infection and improving patient care. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using deionized water in healthcare facilities—including how it works and what are its benefits for patients and medical staff alike!

Why is Deionized Water in Healthcare?

Deionized water is pure, distilled quality water that has had its charged ions removed. The process of removing these ions can be done in one of two ways: either by passing the water through a special filter or by using an ion-exchange resin. Culligan Water’s deionization products use the ion exchange resin option to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) from water. The benefits of using deionized water in healthcare include a reduction in the risk of infection and providing the purest form of water available, which helps improve patient care and safety.

The Characteristics of Deionized Water

As the purest form of water, deionized water is completely free of dissolved minerals, salts, and other contaminants. Deionized water is non-toxic, making it an optimal choice for healthcare settings. When using deionized water, patients and healthcare professionals can use the water without worrying about any impurities or potential health risks associated with trace amounts of these materials.

Uses of Deionized Water in Healthcare and Medical Industry

Deionized water decreases the likelihood of bacteria growth on medical equipment, which can lead to infections when a patient uses that equipment later on. It is also vital to the processes of safety, cleanliness, and maintenance of many different medical devices. Deionized water is imperative in the care of hemodialysis patients that use anywhere from 80-160 gallons of water a week. In some cases of decontamination, deionized water is also preferred in creating the steam used for decontaminating equipment. That’s not all! Deionized water works as a perfect laboratory solvent, because it can form crucial solutions, and is a common water choice used to rinse and clean medical equipment.  

Patients can benefit from deionized water directly too. Deionized water can assist in keeping patients with heavy metal toxicity hydrated. Additionally, it may also be recommended for those with special diets or cleanses. In keeping hospital rooms clean and comfortable, deionized water is also the type of water used for cleaning humidifiers. 

Increase Facility Cleanliness Using Deionized Water

Deionized water is a great tool for improving the cleanliness of healthcare facilities. It can be used to clean medical equipment and tools, floors, walls, and other surfaces. Deionized water can also be used for hand washing and clothing laundering.

Deionized water has many advantages over traditional tap water. It contains no minerals that can leave deposits on surfaces when they dry, preventing bacteria from growing in these areas. Thus, cutting down on the chances of cross-contamination issues within the facility. In addition, since deionized water has been stripped of its dissolved solids (including minerals such as calcium) it does not provide nutrients for microorganisms like algae or fungi to grow. 

Culligan Water is a Leader in Deionized Water Solutions

There are many benefits to deionized water in healthcare facilities, in addition to other industries like manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. As the purest form of water, deionized water is invaluable in keeping patients and healthcare staff safe and spotless. As a leader in the deionized water space, Culligan Water provides deionized water systems for laboratory and healthcare use. These deionized water solutions come in functional systems that are easy to use and maintain.

In some healthcare operations, portability can be crucial. That’s why Culligan offers portable deionization systems that deliver a continuous flow of purified water, no matter what the size of the operation may be. If your facility or laboratory is in need of deionized water solutions, contact the professionals of Culligan Water of Greater Kansas City today. With over 70 years of commercial and industrial experience, our products have gone through extensive research and testing to offer the best quality water and the most affordable price.


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